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Surface View Blog / 03 Mar 2022

Wanderlust (noun) – a strong desire to travel.

With the world beginning to unfurl, and travel becoming a more feasible notion, there has never been a better time to be inspired by the art that surrounds you day to day. 

From Florence to Japan, cityscapes to mountains, wherever in the world you’re drawn to, you can satisfy your desire to travel from the comfort of your own home. Feel empowered to discover the world through art and let Surface View show you how.

Hung up on Far-Flung Destinations

Tahiti, Japan, the Middle East… these far-flung destinations sound enticing and have much to offer in terms of style. If you’re looking for a bespoke art print or a wall hanging showcasing something that bit different, why not try Rana Salam? Her work effortlessly combines bold patterns and motifs, and she is renowned for her diverse mix of pop culture influences and unique blend of kitsch with Middle Eastern flair. Rana’s pieces are real conversation starters – so where will they take you?

For something globally celebrated, ‘The Great Wave’ is an iconic woodblock print by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai. Embrace this notable piece of work as a wallpaper mural, canvas art print or even as a roller blind and feel the kinetic energy of the breaking wave flow into your home.

Chinoiserie Choice

Chinoiserie wallpaper murals have long been a hit in the interiors world. Bring nature in with a wallpaper mural detailing delicate florals along with charming birds and butterflies and be transported to a calming, restful place. A stunning feature wall with one of the many gorgeous chinoiserie patterns that Surface View has to offer is our preferred way to incorporate this style into the home. ‘Ming Mountain Scenic Linen’ is the perfect piece for a study, whilst ‘Wallpaper Design’ would look beautiful in a hall or bedroom. Uncover more designs in our curated collection of Chinoiserie Wallpaper and start planning your feature wall.

Scenic Views

The hustle and bustle of a city or town may be your everyday, but why not transport yourself to more serene foreign climes through art. William Hodges painted some stunning scenery from the sketches he developed in 1774 during his voyage with Captain Cook to Tahiti. ‘A cascade in the Tuaruru Valley, Tahiti’ is a truly tranquil and soothing painting showing a river cascading either side of the basalt rock. Printed as a roller blind, you may never want to look out of your window again!

If you don’t want to err too far from your usual habitat, ‘A View of Florence from the North Bank of the Arno’ recalls the serene classical landscapes of French painters Claude and Poussin. A city is in sight but set against the backdrop of snowy peaks.

A Forgotten Time

Beautiful Gouache on paper art depicting noble men, fine steads and striking scenery is characteristic of many Indian pieces from the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries. One of our favourites for bringing a sense of grandiose to a room is ‘Painting – Mounted Rajput’. The impressive white horse, masterfully ridden against the backdrop of a verdant landscape, carries you to another era. As a wall hanging, it would be a powerful statement.

Alternatively, for more sedate transportation back in the annals of time, ‘Ming Mountain Scroll’ is a stunning but muted paper scroll mounted on board from China, dating around 1550-1600, through the Ming Dynasty. This calm, unpretentious view on a landscape depicting hills, traditional abodes, and a couple on a bridge lets the mind wander and explore a time gone by. Try this as a canvas to let your gaze be absorbed.

Be Inspired

Whether it’s a depiction of an exotic location or the style of an era, there are countless ways to be influenced by the world. With Surface View, you can add a little global influence through a bespoke canvas art print or add a lot through a wallpaper mural or ceramic tiles. The choice is yours! Cast your eye through our Global Influence collection and see where your imagination takes you.

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