Get to Know Kendra Dandy

Surface View Blog / 08 Jul 2021

Meet the artist behind our fabulous new collection, Bouffants & Broken Hearts

Clashing colours, playful patterns and a sassy spirit – just three of the themes that make the Bouffants & Broken Hearts collection so iconic. But who is the woman behind the art? Enter Kendra Dandy!

Kendra Dandy is an American illustrator, artist and designer from Philadelphia. She is renowned for her incredibly fashionable portraits, tropical surface patterns and fierce cheetah art prints. Whether it be through pen and paper or stylus and iPad, Kendra creates ingenious designs that are truly unique.

Kendra sums up her style as “sassy, colourful, stylish and fun” – and we couldn’t agree more. Kendra Dandy’s artwork radiates originality and authenticity in a way that is unapologetically true to herself.

But where does this inspiration come from? Kendra says that she is “inspired by a lot of modern art and art from the Impressionism era forward and things like nature, beauty and fashion.” As well as this, Kendra notes that “current events also play a role in what I may choose to create.

One of Kendra’s favourite designers is Donald Robertson; she explained to Surface View, “I love how fun, colourful and humorous his work is and also all the things he’s accomplished in his career.” She also notes that she likes quite a few designers, whose work she follows closely on her Instagram account (@theebouffants). These artists include the likes of Jade Purple Brown (@jadepurplebrown) and Laci Jordan (@solacilike), whose work is also colourful, bold, fun yet totally unique to them.

Kendra is incredibly passionate about putting the spotlight on the artist behind the work and giving them the recognition they deserve. So much so, that she has set up the American Influencer Council. Kendra explains what this means: “I’m a founding member of the American Influencer Council which means I am here to advocate for creatives in the digital space and push for more education on creator copyrights.

The iconic pieces from Bouffants & Broken Hearts have been printed as art prints, clothes and furniture. Kendra Dandy has worked with huge brands such as Vans, Anthropologie and even The New York Times. We asked Kendra where else she’d like to see her work, to which she answered, “… in an installation or popup exhibit somewhere cool where the walls, furniture, decor and everything would be curated by me and involve my work.” We would absolutely love to see that too!

Bring Bouffants & Broken Hearts into your Home

At Surface View, Kendra Dandy’s fabulously sassy cheetah art prints and quirky surface patterns are available as wallpaper murals, canvases, roller blinds or even printed ceramic tiles. Explore our Bouffants & Broken Hearts collection today.

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