Embrace Gothic Interiors This Autumn

Surface View Blog / 11 Oct 2021

With autumn in full swing and Halloween fast approaching, it only feels right to gravitate towards dark, moody and gothic interiors.

Some people may panic when they hear the term ‘gothic’ – with images of spooky horror houses springing to mind. However, the modern gothic interior design style is one that is elegant, intricate and timeless. With daring, dark and dramatic art prints, canvases and wallpaper murals from Surface View, you can create a moody but welcoming gothic interior. Read on to discover two ways to add a hint of gothic mystery to your interior.

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities in Your Home

If you’re thinking of embracing gothic elements into your interior design, then creating your own Cabinet of Curiosities is the way to go. Cabinets of Curiosities, or ‘Wonder Rooms’, were collections of extraordinary, rare and unusual objects which attempted to categorise and tell stories about the marvels and peculiarities of the natural world. Through the selection of objects, they told a particular story about the world and its history. The cabinets commonly featured antiques, objects of natural history and works of art.

It just wouldn’t be a Cabinet of Curiosities without this rare, mystical celestial chart. From Reiner Ottens’ Atlas Maior (1730), the chart includes mythical creatures as well as the famous Greenwich Observatory and the Round Tower Observatory in Copenhagen. An unusual piece, ‘Reiner Ottens’ Atlas’ captures the essence of Cabinet of Curiosities perfectly. This antique map looks remarkable as a canvas, adding a hint of the supernatural to your home.

If you prefer wonders of the natural world, ‘Fowl Skeleton: Lateral View’ is a remarkable drawing of a fowl skeleton by George Stubbs. Famous for his revolutionary paintings of animals, his artwork was inspired by his rigorous analyses of their anatomies. Bring an element of the natural world into your home with this striking skeleton canvas. Discover more skeleton artwork [/skeletons] to adorn your home

Add Depth and Character with Dark Floral Wallpaper

It’s time to bury the stereotypes associated with floral interiors with a sophisticated and dramatic dark floral wallpaper mural. The new revolution of dark floral wallpaper allows you to push boundaries and create an interior that is full of depth, character and sophistication. Our Ashmolean Museum collection features dramatic floral still-life oil paintings by Dutch Masters, which look absolutely divine printed as dark floral wallpaper murals.

‘A Forest Floor Still Life of Flowers’ is an intricate still-life painting of flowers by Rachel Ruysch, the best reported female painter of the Dutch Golden Age. This dark floral artwork fits beautifully in the Rococo movement with its playful compositions and brilliant colours. Ruysch’s painting is incredibly detailed, with each petal and leaf being made up of delicate individual brushstrokes. A magnificent piece, it looks phenomenal as a large-scale wallpaper mural.

Create a breath-taking feature wall with the gorgeous 'A Vase of Flowers with a Watch' wallpaper mural. 'A Vase of Flowers with a Watch’ was painted by Dutch Golden Age artist Willem van Aelst, a highly accomplished painter who is renowned for his ornate still-life paintings of flowers. The striking contrast in tones make the piece incredibly versatile, lending itself to a variety of interior styles.

Styling Gothic Interiors with Surface View

Modern gothic interior design is all about drama, elegance and making a statement. If you’re looking for an interior that is sure to make an impact, then a gothic interior is the style for you. Remember that a gothic interior does not mean you need to decorate everything black – but you can instead create interesting contrasts between light and dark or rich and soft tones. However, you decide to style your gothic home, Surface View have the perfect pieces for you. All our images can be printed as a wallpaper mural, canvas, art print, roller blind and more.

If you decide that gothic is not for you, then explore more interior trends here.

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