Bringing the Outdoors in with Surface View

Surface View Blog / 07 Sep 2021

Biophilic interior design is all about living in harmony with nature by incorporating natural elements into your interiors.

Biophilia, meaning love of nature, focuses on our innate attraction to nature and natural processes. Biophilic interior design seeks to satisfy this inherent need to connect with nature in the man-made world around us, by blurring the lines between your inside and outside spaces and incorporating traditional elements of nature into your interiors.

The Benefits of Biophilic Interior Design

1)    Reduce Stress

Bringing the outdoors in and creating a green interior helps us to connect with our natural environment, which encourages us to feel calmer, more focused and more content with where we’re spending our time.

2)    Increase Productivity and Creativity

If you’re looking for home office design ideas then look no further than biophilic design. Studies have shown that biophilic interior design can increase productivity by 8% and can also boost creativity.

3)    Improve Overall Wellbeing and Mental Health

Introducing biophilic design into your home can have an incredibly positive effect on your overall wellbeing and mental health, with studies showing that biophilic design can improve your wellbeing by 13%.

How to Incorporate Biophilic Design into Your Interior

1)    Make Your Walls Wild

Transport yourself to a natural paradise with stunning wallpaper inspired by the great outdoors. Add a touch of tropical to your interiors with a vibrant, fresh and exotic wallpaper design, such as ‘Portion of Wallpaper’ from the wonderful V&A collection. Or if you prefer a breath-taking forest scene, then try ‘First Snow’ from the Trunk Archive.

2)    Grow Your Art Collection

Capture a piece of nature with beautiful and elegant botanical wall art. Adorning your walls with nature prints infuses the whole room with a sense of serenity, harmony and equilibrium. We recommend decorating your walls with luscious flora nature prints then adding real plants to your home to create that marvellous, jungle-like feel. Mark Catesby’s ‘Magnolia II’ as a wall hanging is the perfect piece for achieving that incredible biophilic design look.

3)    Let the Light in

A crucial element of biophilic design is an abundance of natural lighting, which can help us feel refreshed and induce positivity. However, a plain and undecorated window is not for everyone. This is where a stunning decorative window film is perfect, transforming your basic window into a work of art – without sacrificing the natural light. ‘Larkspur’ by William Morris creates an elegant, modern twist on stained glass. Looking out to the world through the intricate floral pattern provokes a calming effect and provides a spectacular view.

Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

It’s so important that we build our homes as safe, relaxing and positive environments. That’s why we absolutely love biophilic interior design. With incredible imagery from the likes of The Royal Horticultural Society and New York Botanical Garden, Surface View has an amazing range of botanical artwork so you can embrace nature into your home.


Source: Oliver Heath Design

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