'De Heem Floral Bouquet Scenic Midnight'

Collection | Ashmolean Museum


De Heem Floral Scenic a design with real wow factor, this large scale floral shows roses, iris, tulips, poppies, candida lilies, morning glory, guilder rose, thistles and cow parsley flowing in loose bouquets arranged in a green glass vase standing on a stone sill and repeats horizontally. Amongst the larger blooms are scattered smaller wild flowers, ears of wheat, butterflies, ants, bumble bees and spiders, on the sill are sprigs of red currants and a snail crawls lazily. The design is taken from the 17th century oil painting in the Ashmolean museum and has been repeated in the original colourway. This design has a side to side repeat, if you would this for a larger wall please get in touch with us.

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