Ashmolean Kinpaku Gold

The collection reflects the natural beauty of Japan, including its flora and wildlife, and will infuse your environment with a sense of peace and history.

One of two 6-fold screens - Tales of Ise
Screen with Spring and Summer Flowers
Bird and Flowers of the Four Seasons Screens 1-4
 Screen with Autumn and Winter Flowers
Six-fold Screen Right Panels Depicting Tales of Ise
Six-fold Screen Left Panels Depicting Tales of Ise
Bird and Flowers of the Four Seasons Screens 5-8

Kinpaku gold interiors exude an aura of opulence and refined elegance, captivating the senses with their radiant shimmer and intricate detailing. The Ashmolean Collection masterfully encapsulates this aesthetic through a series of mesmerising design elements, including captivating wallpaper murals, resplendent canvas artworks, and captivating art prints. The collection breathes life into living spaces, infusing them with the allure of historical grandeur and the richness of Kinpaku gold leaf.