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Welcome to the glamorous world of Slim Aarons, courtesy of the Getty Images Gallery, one of the greatest resources of original photography in the world.

Mr Slim


Quote_l “Slim’s ‘good life’ covers the richest people, places and events.”

Welcome to the glamorous world of Slim Aarons, photographer, and creator, of the idolised. Slim has had a career we can only dream of. His work dates right back to the army publication Yank, during the Second World War. Cutting his teeth as a correspondent for Life, then Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country after the war, Slim soon found his way into the places that mattered; from Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room to Henry Cabot Lodge’s sailboat and Babe Paley’s pool party.

Aarons’ style is instantly recognisable and his images are known worldwide. His celebrity work exhibits the sense of a very private view of the lives of his subjects, and owes much to his ability to gain the trust of the individuals he photographed. Portraits include many of the leading personalities in American show business and politics, as well as images which depict the 20th Century way of life in America.

The collection we’ve curated concentrates on the utopian days of the 60s through to the 80s. Slim’s ‘good life’ covers the richest people, places and events in Europe and America, with subjects who are wealthy in terms of possession or birth. As with every great photographer, behind each series of pictures is a great story.

Name Slim Aarons
Collection Slim Aarons
Category Photography
Date 1934 – 2006

Slim Aarons
  • Mr Slim
    • Image Poolside Gossip
  • Mr Slim
    • Image Catherine Wilke

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Welcome to the glamorous world of Slim Aarons, courtesy of the Getty Images Gallery, one of the greatest resources of original photography in the world.

Retro Forever


Quote_l “Archived designs are reinvented for a style savvy generation”

As all things vintage continue to be a major influence in every area of modern life, from fashion and hair styles, to music and classic cars, Retro Forever explores the appeal of the Midcentury era and beyond.

In our postmodern age, the trends of the yesteryear still influence today’s movers and shakers and are reinterpreted for new generations. Celebrating our heritage and our eccentricities, Retro Forever has a mood of warmth and wit that is at once familiar and bold with a bright palette or oranges, yellows and blues, toned down by earthy browns.

P&O Heritage collection encapsulates the excitement of travelling; the company’s advertising posters are a master class in graphic design that has stood the test of time. Kitsch reins supreme in the Land of Lost Content and Vintage Festival collections, curated by retro pop-culture collector Stella Mitchell and vintage guru Wayne Hemmingway.

Tongue-in-cheek and full of knowing references to decades past, these archives see ephemera from the fifties, sixties and seventies reinvented for a style savvy generation. With new additions to our Slim Aarons collection, the work of this prolific photographer has never been so in vogue. His sharp observations and unique take on the glamorous world of the sixties and seventies Jet set channels a sophisticated vibe with a witty twist. Similarly the saturated colours of our new John Hinde Postcard collection offer a rose-tinted view of the past that’s hard not to love.

Pattern and print is key to the trend, too; we’ve rediscovered prints by Sir Terence Conran and his design studio Conran Fabrics - these fresh and graphic repeats remain as contemporary and stylish as ever. The ultimate trip down memory lane, comics and cartoons are steeped in nostalgia and have bags of personality. Our Beano and Friends collection transforms original artworks from family favourites including The Dandy and Judy, to big scale Birch plywood and canvas prints.

View our fabulous Retro collections here.

  • Retro Forever
    • Image Cruises to Norway
  • Retro Forever
    • Image Oh, I didn't see you there
  • Retro Forever
    • Image Lip Service
  • Retro Forever
    • Image Dublin Zoo
  • Retro Forever
    • Image Graphic Four
  • Retro Forever
    • Image Ice Cream Van